Multicultural Splendour
Of George Town

Penang has been dubbed the heritage and multicultural jewel.

The rich cultural profiles of the local communities also largely contribute to the intangible cultural heritage of the city of George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 7 July 2008.

Cultural diversity is an important value of George Town, and celebrated annually through George Town Heritage Celebrations as the local communities participate by sharing their culture and traditions to celebration-goers. At the same time, the festival serves to safeguard our cultural heritage while encouraging collective responsibility to ensure sustainable tourism.

Discover and learn more from the local artisans, craftsmen and practitioners who have perfected their trades and crafts over the years. Cultural, religious events and festivals are also held throughout the year such as Hungry Ghost Festival, Jade Emperorís Birthday and Thaipusam are crowd-pullers at both island and Seberang Perai where people get the chance to experience the culture first hand.

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